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Apt. App empowers apartment residents to build strong & positive communities through tech. Communicate with neighbors, property staff & the community in one easy place, built just for you.

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Anyone who has ever shared a wall with a neighbor has been waiting for a solution like Apt. App to come for years! The mobile app and web technology offers a new communication approach between and among residents and staff and brings the first ever Neighbor-to-Neighbor feature to the market, allowing residents to notify their neighbor of a common disturbance, such as a noise complaint, completely anonymously giving the residents peace of mind and quick resolve. Apt. App also delivers new solutions to help residents navigate their community such as a Community Board where they can buy, sell, or borrow stuff from their neighbors, a Marketplace feature that helps them explore their neighborhood by offering discounts to local businesses, and other easy to use features for their living enjoyment.

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May 22, 2018

A Welcome Letter for Residents

Welcome to Apt. App! The only mobile app made FOR residents BY residents to help you better communicate with your neighbors, property staff and surrounding community! We are so excited…
April 23, 2018

Revolutionizing Resident Communication

Food For Thought
April 12, 2018

Communication Residents will Actually See

Let's take a moment to delve into what is new with resident communication & engagement. Today property management teams are putting an incredible amount of effort and emphasis in communicating…