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Let’s take a moment to delve into what is new with resident communication & engagement. Today property management teams are putting an incredible amount of effort and emphasis in communicating with residents on social media. But that leaves your message open to the chance that it will actually be seen and read. In order to have residents actually look at the content, there are a lot of variables to prevent them from seeing it. Is the content engaging enough for the resident to follow the property? Are they looking at the social media platform you have chosen? Did the social media algorithm actually put the post where the resident can see it in their feed?

Let’s face it. It’s rare that a resident will actually go to the property site daily to ensure they are up to speed. It takes a lot of time and effort. And time and effort is the enemy of everyone for good reason! So why not choose technology that ensures the resident will actually see the community information & events? All communication created through Apt. App is delivered to the resident as a push notification. The reason for this is, push notifications have a 99% open rate with a 98% response rate! Where as other avenues of communication such as social media pages, email and text messaging are far from efficient with 25-50% read rates at best. After the push notification is received in Apt. App the message then goes to the resident’s personal activity log where they can quickly and efficiently know what is going on in their community any time they choose. So what are you waiting for! Join us in delivering clear, easy & convenient messaging your residents will actually see.


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