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I downloaded Apt. App but it won’t let me login! Help!

Have you created an account with us? Apt. App will only work when an account is created for you either by your residential community or by you personally at an event or on the Apt. App webpage – “Get Apt. App Now” page. Once an account is created you will receive an email with easy steps to activate your account that is built completely unique to fit your needs & your community.

I moved. How do I get access to my new community's app?

That’s exciting. Email us at and be sure to include your old address and new address and we will make that change for you.

Is the neighbor-to-neighbor notification really anonymous?

Yes it is! When a notification is sent to a resident from the “Neighbors” feature, that receiving resident receives a pop-up notification saying “A neighbor has requested that you… [preset message sent; ie. Please turn down your music/tv]. That resident then has the option to respond with preset messaging completely anonymously. All of these notifications are kept anonymous between residents, however the property manager and assistant property manager are able to see the requests and responses knowing which neighbors were involved so they can follow up or look into the situation if needed. It is also possible depending on the size of your property your neighbors may be able to figure out who is sending the notifications due to the process of elimination. But overall the feature was made so residents can have peace of mind and quick, safe resolve at anytime of day.

There are so many great features available on Apt. App but we don’t need them all.

And that is completely okay. We made Apt. App to mold and meld to any unique property. So if you don’t need a particular feature, we can disable that so your residents and staff won’t even see it as an option to use. On the contrast, if your property would like to activate a feature down the road, we can make that happen as well!

The property manager receives all notifications property wide – doesn’t that create more work for them to look through that all?

Absolutely not. In fact the opposite is true! The Activity Log can be quickly looked through and even filtered to drill down to a specific type of activity. This is a very quick and easy way for property management and other staff to prioritize their work for the day, help other staff members if they are inundated with requests, and find out about minor issues before they become major and costly.

Who manages the Marketplace business listings?

The Marketplace feature is where local businesses can offer discounts and incentives to residents and staff using Apt. App to get out and explore the neighborhood. Your designated Apt. App Business Development Manager will manage the business listings to ensure no extra work is added to property staff while also taking the extra time and effort to keep the businesses in close proximity to the property and with ever changing listings to bring new and exclusive discounts to staff and residents using Apt. App. If there are businesses in the area you would specifically like to see in the Marketplace, please be sure to let your Business Development Manager know.

What markets can Apt. App be used for?

The technology for Apt. App is designed to scale to any multi-unit property in English speaking countries and can easily be utilized in student housing, commercial real estate, homeowner associations and hotels for instance. We are however focused primarily on the luxury apartment market and are taking on inquires to enter other markets on an ad hoc basis. If you have an interest we would love to chat. Please e-mail us to start the conversation at

How does pricing work?

It depends on the model. Apt. App Neighbors is free and built specifically for residents to use within their community and managed by Apt. App. Apt. App Reports & Apt. App Enterprise pricing is custom to each property. For a specific price quote please send us an email at and be sure to include property owner name, property name, address, and number of units.