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Apt. App Neighbors - Join your community for free!

  • What unit numbers are above, below, to the left and to the right as you face your front door? Sharing this information with us will enable you to use the Anonymous Neighbor Notification feature. (Example: Above 301, Below 201, Left 100, Right 102)

connections right at your fingertips

NEIGHBORS: Anonymously, respectfully & directly notify a neighbor of a common disturbance. Noise, smells, common courtesy, saying “hi”, we have it covered.

COMMUNITY BOARD: Get to know your neighbors through common interest groups, as well as buy, sell or borrow items right in your apartment community.

MARKETPLACE: Who doesn’t love a deal? We have specially curated deals just for you to access easily from your app.

EVENT CALENDAR: Let the days of FOMO be gone! Never miss an exciting event in your neighborhood again, plus see who else is going!


a community built by you & your neighbors

PRIVATE: All communication kept between you and your apartment community.

COMMUNITY: Direct, fast & positive communication with your neighbors, staff & community.

TRUSTED: Residents come first at Apt. App and so does your data.