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Welcome to Apt. App! The only mobile app made FOR residents BY residents to help you better communicate with your neighbors, property staff and surrounding community! We are so excited to empower & enhance your living experience!

This blog post will guide you through our one of a kind features to familiarize you with the amazing tools you have at your fingertips. You will have access to the features your property chose to fit your communities unique needs. So you may not have all of these features on your home screen.

If you have any questions or concerns we are here for you!

Peace of mind & quick resolve at any time of day.

Completely Anonymous Neighbor Notification

You heard it right! Completely anonymously & respectfully notify your neighbor of a common disturbance at any time of day! Gone are the days of awkwardly having to confront your neighbor!
1. Go to Neighbors Icon
2. Select a preset notification to send
3. Select the location of the neighbor or manually enter the apartment number if they are down the hall or on another floor.
4. Send!
The neighbor receiving the notification will be able to respond with preset messaging back so you have a real time response to the issue. All information copies to your Activity Log so you have proof of the events that occurred and so will your property manager! Simple as that!

Building strong communities one connection at a time.

Community Board

Borrow, sell or purchase items with your neighbors in an instant! The Community Board is updated in real time with new items and comments on each post. Include as much or as little of your personal identifiers as you feel comfortable with. Finally only residents in your building are able to see the Community Board keeping your community safe!

Stay in the loop & RSVP to special events happening at your property!


The Schedule is the place for you to stay in the loop on what is happening at your property and also keep track of your maintenance requests.
You will be able to RSVP to community events and you can even see how many of your neighbors will be attending those events so you know for a fact you'll be in good company.

1. Simply go to your Schedule and tap any day with a dot to know what is happening. You can also search by the list tab.
2. Tap the event headline for more information
3. For community events make sure you RSVP! You can always change your response later if plans change.
Whala! Enjoy all that free time from no longer having to keep up with your property on social media, too many emails, word of mouth or watching for tacky fliers.

Get out & explore your community!


Apt. App partners with local businesses, services & restaurants to bring you exclusive discounts not offered to the general public. Lucky you!
To explore businesses featured in your neighborhood & redeem your discounts:
1. Go to Marketplace
2. Search in the search bar or use the filter in the upper right corner to find the place you are looking for.
3. Tap that business for more information
4. Tap the Promo Code section & show that screen to the business to redeem your discount!
Saving money has never been so easy!
If you have a business you want in your community Marketplace let us know via email and we'll try our best to make that happen!
Some businesses offer super exclusive discounts that are capped at a certain number of redemptions. If you are too late to the party you will receive a pop up notification telling you that deal is "Not Available". But keep your eye out on the Marketplace as we will constantly be keeping the deals fresh, new & exciting for you!

Immediate response at times it matters most.

Property Patrol

Notify your onsite security personnel of a non-emergent issue such as a door is unlocked, a suspicious person is on the property, etc. to keep your property safe.
To place a Property Patrol request.
1. Tap Property Patrol
2. Describe the issue and include up to 6 pictures
3. Submit
* You will receive a response the second the property patrol attends to the issue. Property management will also be able to see your request and response from property patrol. This feature should provide you peace of mind and immediate resolve at times it matters most.

Know exactly when your request will be attended to.


Quickly & conveniently place a maintenance request from your mobile device choosing a date & time that will work for your schedule! You will be in direct contact with the maintenance technician so you know exactly when your request has been attended to.
To place a maintenance request.
1. Tap Maintenance
2. Describe your request and include up to 6 pictures.
3. Click the calendar to pick a date and time for maintenance team to come by. Any time that is unavailable will be grayed out, open times will be available to choose.
4. Send!
You will receive real time updates to your request via push notifications or track your activity log. The maintenance person can message you back if they need to reschedule to another time or if they need to come back. Remember FOR ANY MAINTENANCE EMERGENCY, CALL YOUR PROPERTIES MAINTENANCE EMERGENCY LINE. Maintenance requests on Apt. App are intended for routine maintenance requests not emergencies.

Easily track all property communication in one easy place.

Activity Log

Let your email be free! All communication is tracked in real time & copies to your activity log so you can see all important property information in one easy place - your Activity Log!
1. Tap Activity
2. Sent Tab - See all requests and notifications you have personally sent. Tap on the request to see more information & the real time responses to those requests.
3. Received Tab - See all notifications you have personally received. Tap on the notification to see more information.
4. Need to find something in a hurry? Use the filter in the upper right hand corner.

Enable push notifications in your phone settings as well as in the settings of Apt. App to receive responses the second you receive them. If you happen to miss the push notification the Activity Log will keep that information tracked for you.

Saving you precious time.

Property Info & Rent Pay

Stop searching for important property contacts and the place to pay rent. The Property Info keeps all important info about your property in one easy to find place.

"Apt. App gives me a way to voice my concerns immediately!"

"This is a life changer."

"Apt. App enables constructive communication between residents & staff."

"I have been waiting for something like this for years!"

"It's so easy to use!"


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