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At the close of February, 2018 we were lucky enough to travel to the magical tech world of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. An enormous gathering of the world’s leading and emerging technology covering all areas – artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, internet of things (IoT), virtual reality (VR), social media, the list goes on even including PropTech like our very own Apt. App.

The conference buzzed from morning to night as executives from across the world collaborated and innovated new products and ideas. All the while, new mind-blowing technology was being unveiled left and right and there were high caliber education sessions at every corner. It was truly a destination where new tech came to show off , and let me tell you it was quite the show!


This was a place we only dreamed of going until Apt. App was lucky enough to receive a STEP grant through the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT) to not only attend Mobile World Congress 2018, but to also exhibit and demo the resident technology there as well. We had a fantastic time, and never got tired of seeing people’s reactions from across the world as they interacted with the intuitive and convenient communication solutions we provide to empower residents.

Apt. App was one of five emerging tech companies selected by OEDIT and the STEP grant to represent new tech in America but also represent opportunities from the wonderful state of Colorado. We were humbled and honored to join four other Colorado based companies for the journey, which included:


Access Mobile International – Kaakpema “KP” Yelpaala – CEO & Founder

A software platform that leverages data to improve access to healthcare in underserved markets, helping patients find and communicate with healthcare providers.



Adventos – Mariano Delle Donne – CEO

SmartForceAgency Management System (AMS) state of the art software that helps Public Safety Agencies.


Makeena – Karen Frame – CEO & Co-Founder

Provides a shopping decision making platform designed to help people to shop healthier and sustainably in the grocery store.



NoKero Solar – Steve Katsaros – CEO

Nokero (short for “No Kerosene”) designs, manufactures and distributes safe, affordable and environmentally-friendly solar products. With products distributed in over 120 countries. Nokero is a catalyst for economic and community growth.


Overall, we are incredible thankful for the opportunity provided to attend Mobile World Congress as an emerging technology company of Colorado. To say it was a massive success is putting it lightly. It was truly a magical and electrical experience we were so fortunate to be part of. We also have newfound motivation to continue to climb up this crazy journey to empower & enhance the resident experience across the world and we hope to come back next year for Mobile World Congress 2019.


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