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The top two reasons residents move are:

#1 Noise & #2 Communication

In fact 39% of all residents who move, are moving within just 5 miles of their previous apartment. Just 5 miles! To find a place they believe better handles noise & communication. Apt. App addresses both of these areas head on and reduces resident turn over by on average 38% for our partners.

(J.Turner Research, 2019)

what people are saying

Apt. App has been a great tool for me both as a renter and as an employee for a property management company!

Colton SmithMaintenance Technician, Real Estate Management Group

We have been waiting for a tool like Apt App to come available for years! We believe Apt App will enable constructive communication between both tenants and property managers. We love how the app is designed to keep peace among tenants through an anonymous alert feature. Yet, still being able to communicate your concerns with neighbors.

Karli HughesManaging Partner + Licensed Property Manager, Real Estate Management Group

...I believe that your product needs to be a fixture on every campus in the country in both on-campus and off-campus housing. This product has a great opportunity to add to the value of any student living facility by adding a way to ensure that students will have the ability to have a quiet study area when they need it...

Robert CuetoStudent, University of Florida

By implementing the use of Apt. App into student housing, university officials can finally make progress in creating a quieter, safer, and healthier environment in student housing. This, in turn, will have a positive effect in increasing test scores and reducing the amount of policed-involved incidents...

Tom O’NeillStudent, Penn State University

Neighbor-to-Neighbor Notification

Absolutely anonymous messaging feature allowing residents to conveniently notify their neighbor of a common disturbance for peace of mind and immediate resolve.

Community Board

Residents can borrow, sell or purchase items with neighbors in their property fostering positive and collaborative communities.


Residents and staff have exclusive discounts to local businesses at their fingertips, inviting them to explore and support their community.

Community Schedule

Say goodbye to tacky time consuming fliers and mass e-mails! Residents and staff can see all property events in one convenient place. RSVP feature is added for efficient, prudent and cost saving event planning.

Property Messaging

Property staff can conveniently send predefined messaging or a free text message to a single resident, group of residents or all property residents in just two fast steps.

Property Patrol

Enabling the ability to communicate when something in the community isn’t quite right.